Electrician in Norfolk VA

What Does an Electrician Do?

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Electricians plan, install and repair wiring in buildings. They also make sure the wiring meets building codes. This can be done by interpreting blueprints and preparing requisitions for equipment.

Is your business losing money due to old or faulty wiring? Upgrading to 200 amp service may seem daunting, but the right professional can get it done quickly and affordably.


The installation of new electrical systems is one of the most common jobs for electricians. This includes wiring new structures, installing fixtures and devices, and ensuring that local electrical codes are met. The work is highly skilled and dangerous, which is why most states require licensing for electricians. This license requires a significant amount of on-the-job experience, and many people find that an apprenticeship program is the best way to acquire this experience.

After getting your journeyman electrician license, you’ll need to pass a state master electrician exam. This is three and a half hours long with 70 questions, and you need 49 right to pass. The exam is administered by PSI, and you can find a practice test online. Once you’ve passed the exam, you can begin looking for jobs as a master electrician.

As a licensed professional, you can also open your own business and hire employees. However, it’s important to obtain a general liability insurance policy before starting work. This will protect you in case someone gets injured while working on your site. It’s also a good idea to list your license number on your website and business cards. This will let customers know that you’re a licensed professional, and it may help you get more work.


Whether your lights are flickering or you have a power outage, the electricians at City Wide Services can help. They offer a variety of electrical services, including repair work and installation of car chargers. Their technicians are licensed, bonded and insured. They also undergo regular training and background checks to ensure that they meet high standards of customer service.

Norfolk is a seaport city with a long and rich naval history. It is also known for its famous mermaid statues, which are a nod to the city’s maritime lore of mermaids serenading sailors back to shore from the rough seas. Despite its historic past, Norfolk has an energetic, modern business community and is home to Old Dominion University, Norfolk State University, and Wesleyan College.

A job in the field of electronics can be a rewarding career choice for those who are interested in working with complex machinery and computers. Electronics jobs are available at a variety of companies, from large manufacturing firms to small technology startups. They require a great deal of knowledge about electrical engineering, computer science, and software design.

Many trade schools and technical colleges offer certificate programs for those who want to become electricians. These programs are designed to provide a thorough education in the electrical industry. They can include courses on how to read blueprints, run wiring, and assure that local electric codes are met.


Ensures safe and effective operations by performing preventative and corrective maintenance on equipment. This includes maintaining and repairing air and water cooling engines including completely rebuilding engines, tractors, out front mowers, weed eaters and blowers. Also repairs electrical and mechanical equipment such as alarms, air compressors and generators. In addition, this person performs general maintenance on facilities such as cleaning hoses, inspecting and readjusting belts, replacing filters and checking oil.

Performs electrical and mechanical work for the City of Norfolk’s Utility Production Division. Repairs air and water cooling equipment by installing, diagnosing, repairing and testing. This job requires a valid Virginia driver’s license and the ability to lift heavy equipment and machinery.

This individual installs, maintains and repairs wiring systems, circuits and electrical fixtures using schematics, diagrams and blueprints. They may also test electrical equipment to make sure that it meets operational and safety guidelines. They must also be able to follow operational and departmental guidelines when completing assignments.

The average salary for a Government Electrician in Norfolk VA is $20 to $28 per hour, depending on the location and years of experience. To improve your chances of landing a job as an electrician, write a stand-out resume that highlights your skills and credentials. For more tips, visit Monster’s electrician resume guide.


You can hire a professional electrician in Norfolk VA to do any number of electrical jobs. From repairing faulty wiring to installing new outlets and lighting, you can trust that these professionals have the skills and knowledge to do it all.

If your electrical system is faulty, it can cause fires and even damage your property. A good way to prevent a fire is by using a surge protector for your electrical appliances and keeping them properly plugged in. You can also use a fire alarm to warn you of a fire. If a fire starts, always leave the area immediately and call emergency services.

An electrician needs to be skilled at reading blueprints, running wire, and ensuring local electric codes are met. In addition, he or she must be capable of working with tools and materials to perform various tasks. To become an electrician, you should consider attending a trade school. There are many programs near Norfolk that offer certificate classes, diplomas, and associate’s degrees. In addition, there are several online schools that offer training in this field. You can search for these programs by entering your zip code. You can also find a list of accredited trade schools by visiting the trade association’s website. Choosing the right school is essential for getting the job of your dreams.