High-Tech Bathroom Design Ideas

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Aside from the usual showers, tubs and toilets, smart technology is coming into play in bathroom designs. Think belting out ’90s boy band hits or binging a TV show while taking your bath.

Go bold with color—but don’t overdo it. A smidge of your favorite hue can instantly elevate an existing room.

Focal Points

Focal points are the attention-grabbing elements that catch the eye and set the tone for your bathroom design. They can be decorative or functional, but they should be adjustable to fit your lifestyle. For example, you can use a piece of artwork that adds color and personality to the room. Or, you can hang a mirror with an interesting frame or unique shape.

Creating multiple focal points in a room helps to establish a sense of visual structure and creates balance. While there’s no rule that says how many focal points a room should have, it is important to have one dominant focal point to avoid a cluttered look. A common choice for a dominant focal point is the wall behind the tub. It can be accentuated with tile accents or even painted in a bold shade that stands out from the surrounding space.


Wallpaper has long been a decorating staple – and it can certainly still transform a space. The right design can be bold, beautiful and totally on trend – but it must also be practical, especially in a bathroom where water splashes are commonplace.

A smart way to introduce pattern to a bathroom is to use it above painted white panelling or woodwork. This helps to soften the look and creates a feeling of luxury without taking up valuable wall space with wallpaper that could be easily damaged by moisture.

Wallpapers that imitate tiles work well in bathrooms but it is essential to have a good tile base and a perspex or glass splashback to protect the paper from steam, water spray and accidental knocks. Alternatively you can try wallpapering the ceiling instead of the walls to limit the amount of surface area that may come into contact with water.

Smart Toilet Seats

A smart toilet seat can add high-tech functionality to your commode without changing out the entire unit. For example, some offer seat warmers that adjust to your preferred temperature and a bidet nozzle with customizable pressure and position. Some even include deodorization and air drying options.

Health-related smart toilet seats can also monitor vital signs like heart rate, blood pressure and oxygen saturation. They can even detect and report any changes to a user’s doctor, like increased or decreased urine volume.

While these toilets tend to have a higher upfront cost and can require expensive maintenance, they can be worth it for those who love gadgets. Some even come with a nightlight feature. And, many can be directly mounted to your existing toilet, making them a more affordable choice than a new throne.

Tile Statement Walls

A tile statement wall offers a durable and stylish alternative to paint or wallpaper. Often found behind showers, sinks or freestanding tubs, the accent wall is a bold focal point that serves as an eye-catching backdrop to highlight individual design elements.

Intentional pattern play is key for creating a unique bathroom feature wall. Here, Heather Bernstein of HKB Interior Design uses Fireclay Tile picket tile in three complementary colors and a matte finish to create a ‘rain’ effect that flows from light to dark and plays off the dark freestanding tub.

If a solid color is more your speed, patterned tiles are another great option. In this stunning bathroom, a blue herringbone pattern energizes the space and pairs beautifully with a brass rimmed round mirror.


Artwork is an easy and effective way to refresh your bathroom without a complete remodel. A framed art print or a pretty canvas in the right style can make any bathroom feel fresh and inviting.

Consider a black-and-white photograph or a modern abstract painting for an elegant powder room. Or, use a landscape painting to tie the bath back to the outdoors in a guest or kids bathroom.

A lenticular is also a fun choice that changes shape when you move or look at it, and can create a sense of depth in smaller bathrooms. However, be sure that your chosen wall art can withstand moisture and humidity like steam, or it will mildew over time. A framed art print with a sealed backing is likely to hold up best.